Beginning with Moonstone

Brightest Blessings of May's Full Moon to you, and welcome to Dancing Amulets!

I always look forward to a Full Moon: seeing it each month at its brightest illumination never fails to fill me with excitement, I have to take a deep breath and let it wash over me. It's a night where magic is at its most potent, and it feels like anything is possible.
luna moonstone dancing amulet with pearls, labradorite, and garnets
For centuries, the Moon has served as the essential guiding energy in sacred rites and magical rituals. In the stone kingdom, she speaks through moonstones, little white gems in whose sparkling facets rainbows dance. To use this crystal's magic most effectively, synch your own rhythms to the cycles of the Moon.
When she is dark she is known as a New Moon. This is the time to set a new intention. As we look to the month ahead, we examine our desires, decide exactly what we want to manifest, and formulate our goals. We actively pursue this course as the Moon grows to full, visualizing the outcome in increasing detail as the seeds of intention grow in form and strength. Nighttime dreams become more vivid, confidence and excitement mount as we recognize our ability to manifest what we want. We release the intention to the universe when the Moon begins to darken again, and our energy shifts from active to receptive. Intuitive powers increase as our senses open to the beauty of this other side, this magical state where we can access our inner wisdom, listen to messages from our spirit guides, and accept the gifts of the incoming tide.
Because the lunar cycle is so reflective of the feminine reproductive cycle, it is no surprise that moonstone is essential medicine to support women's health and well being. Drinking water in which moonstone has been soaked is especially comforting during menstruation. Concealing a small moonstone in your pocket or bra can promote calming thoughts and cooling energy during the intense changes of menopause. I always include at least one moonstone whenever I make an amulet for an expectant mother, and I myself have experienced and witnessed its effectiveness in fertility spells.
When I say fertility, I mean not just in the physical sense, but also intellectually and emotionally. Moonstone's generous, inspiring energy holds creativity in all forms in high regard. It nurtures those ideas you've been incubating, and empowers you to share them with a world that needs your special magic! Productivity and prosperity follow.
And this is not just for women; men, children, animals, and even plants can benefit from the many offerings of this incredible stone.
Moonstone is a strong supporter of new beginnings; it is a confidante, cheerleader, and advisor. I have always felt a deep connection with this magical stone, and today, as I open the virtual doors to DancingAmulets.com, it feels more than appropriate to have its energy within me and around me as I - at long last - bring these amulets, born of my labor and my love, to you. It is my wish that they will find homes with soulful people everywhere, and that the loving energy that created them will go forth and multiply as more and more glorious spirits add their own special magic to it.
If you would like a custom made Dancing Amulet, with moonstones or any other members of the stone kingdom who will support your personal intentions, contact me. I look forward to creating a magical tool just for you.




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