Your Summer Spirit Animal

Animal spirit guides come to us in many ways, in both our waking and dreaming lives. As the Summer Solstice draws closer, the veil between these worlds grows thinner, and magic becomes increasingly palpable.

Did I ever tell you about Penelope? In the summer of 2008, I found myself going through a spiritual awakening, when magic was finding me in the most thrilling, beautiful ways. Morning glories, pennywort, and catnip grew in pots atop a milk crate on the fire escape outside my apartment's kitchen window. I assumed the twigs and brambles underneath had just fallen from them, until they began to take the circular shape of a nest. A few days later the tenants appeared: a pair of mourning doves, male and female. I was flattered and delighted that they chose my garden as their home, even more so when I spied the eggs beneath the lady.

And then he was gone. She remained, a quiet presence I tried not to disturb as I tended the growing plants around her. I named her Penelope. On top of the milk crate I scattered moonstone, rose quartz, and moss agate pendants - not yet made into jewelry - to nurture and protect her as she nurtured and protected her incubating charges, and if she allowed, to absorb the energy she chose to give in return: her instinct, her strength, her warmth, her love.

Summer went on, my touring life took me away, and when I returned I found two baby doves in the nest. How can I describe the fullness of my heart? But it got better: Penelope was still there, and within a week, Ulysses returned. They came and went, cooing at me as they flew past me, where I teetered along the rails, watering what had become an extensive plant collection. In the fall when the babies were grown, they all left. As winter began to show its teeth, I cleared the dead branches, removed the stones, and made them into amulets, keeping one for myself. I have worked with it often through these years, as I have nurtured my own dreams, made my plans, took action, and manifested my desires. I am wearing this today. Nine years later, I still call on the strength and grace of Penelope, my magical spirit guide from that magical summer.

Some of our animal guides are with us throughout all of our lives, while others appear during periods of change, when they have something to teach us, or a message to share from our higher selves. Noticing them when they reveal themselves, in nature, dreams, in books, art, even in conversation, is a vital step in cultivating magical awareness on a daily basis. Tune into your spirit at these times – what you are feeling, what you are pondering, what you are working towards. Your animal friend may be there to help.

This June I am pleased to offer you an animal oracle reading as part of my special  summer JOURNEY TO MAGIC package.

From now through July 10th, for just $75*, you will receive:

  • A one on one conversation with me, in which we will discuss your dreams and goals for the months ahead
  • An animal oracle card reading/interpretation that will reveal your magical spirit guide for the summer, and explain the symbolism of that animal as it relates to your personal journey
  • A Dancing Amulets bracelet, pair of earrings, or pendulum (your choice), created specifically for you with the stones and colors that will empower your intentions
  • A 10 mL roller bottle of a personal summer scent, made with the essential oils best suited to emotionally support you as you pursue your purpose
  • A personalized creative ritual/spell for you to practice at the New and Full Moons, or anytime you choose: utilizing either dance, song, writing, or art
  • Suggested affirmations and unlimited follow up and check-in calls, as you need, throughout the summer
  • A full report detailing the meanings and significance of all the above, that you will be able to refer back to throughout your journey through magic
A $250 value, yours for just $75*.
*Plus tax and shipping.
Limited to 20 clients, now through July 10th.

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