Crystals for Healing Division, Encouraging Forgiveness, and Moving Forward

crystals for healing division, encouraging forgiveness, and moving forward

Is there anyone who's not rattled right now? 

I didn't think so. No matter what your feelings are about the events of the last week, it can’t be denied that they have set off intense emotions on all sides, and that we are all experiencing the effects of an energy that is tense, volatile, and unsettling.

I’m struggling, trying to understand what it all means, personally and collectively. More importantly, I’m trying to figure out how we can heal, grow, and move forward. I’m starting inside myself. I need to bring my distracted spirit back into my body. I need to purge it of a lot of negativity and hurt. I need to find my way back to trusting in the divine order, and being the light I am called to be.

I've been having a hard time getting my work done. I am an amulet maker approaching the holidays, the peak of my year, and I am on a deadline to get my new collection into my online shop. But every time I sit at my "machine" to focus, I get sucked into my news feed: reading stories, scrolling through comments, getting upset...

Last night, willing myself away from these distractions, I found myself drawn to a pair of earrings I'm preparing to list. The beautiful green stones at the top transfixed me. They proved to be a worthwhile distraction: this crystal, chrysoprase, had a message for me. I have always found that its invigorating energy can motivate me to be useful and productive, but upon further research I discovered more - our lovely friend chrysoprase offers some tools that are so timely:

  • dissipating fear and releasing judgement
  • acting with integrity and compassion
  • connection to the whole, for the betterment of the whole
  • moving beyond ego to find acceptance and encourage forgiveness
  • finding stable ground again

This got me thinking of divisiveness, particularly upsetting for those of us finding it not just within the country at large, but within our own families. I don’t want to cast anyone out of my life. I don’t want to refuse their love, and I don’t want to withhold mine. How do I extricate these tangled feelings inside me?

I'm calling my spirit back into my body, and asking that it release this negativity that is eating at me. If you feel disconnected like me, grounding, earth centered black tourmaline is great for this: it can take all that yucky anger, grief, tension, bile and spew, so that you don’t have to carry it, and so you don’t spill it on to someone else. It can take it and transform it into something lighter, and point you where to go next.  

This is also a powerful amulet to wear to protect you from negative energy coming off of others, and from the electromagnetic emanations coming off our various “machines” and news sources. Tourmaline also comes in many other colors, all of which support healing and moving forward:

  • emotional balance, purifying your light, promoting kindness
  • fostering tolerance, facilitating understanding within yourself and others
  • stimulating creativity that is positive and solutions oriented

How do I express what is left now? How do I help others to hear what is in my heart? Are you with me, in need of some throat and heart chakra healing? I know we all have so much we feel we need to say now, but here’s the rub about communicating: it’s a two way street that goes nowhere if no one is listening.  I think what we look for in friends, partners, lovers, soul mates, and…well, leaders? is someone who listens to us, and really truly hears us. We want to be known. It’s not the same as agreeing, or even understanding, but it’s a start. If we want someone to listen, we need to listen back. A lot of us have an overabundance of blue swirling around our throat chakras now, and we don’t know what to do with it. I’m turning to lapis lazuli, iolite, chalcedony, even turquoise. These are all stones that

  • loosen frustration and repression to assist with articulate expression
  • encourage active listening and productive communication
  • replace victim consciousness with the security of integrity, honesty, and strength
  • reduce conflict, promote warmth and harmony in family gatherings

I know this is hard. I’m trying to find as many ways as I can to take care of myself as these changes around me play out. Working with the stone kingdom gives me the comfort and joy of immersing myself in activity and energy that lifts me up, connects me to my purpose, and assures me that I do have a place in the world. I encourage you to go towards your joy as well!

In closing, I will briefly touch on forgiveness. And I do know this may seem impossible now, but when we can get there it's going to be so powerfully healing. If you don’t own a piece of rose quartz, get one. Everyone should have one. They are inexpensive and easily obtained. Carry it in your pocket, put it on your desk, put it under your pillow. If you don’t have one, you can still do this simple meditation:

Take a deep breath. Imagine you are inhaling beautiful, soft, pink light.
Feel it expanding your heart center, like a big beautiful balloon.
As you release the breath, imagine that you are diffusing 360 degrees of pink light, through your body and throughout the bubble of energy around you; filling up the room, filling up the world.
Keep doing that. If any images come to you, any people, any places…send them a blessing.
As you continue breathing pink light, tell yourself:
I love you.
I forgive you.
I’m sorry for anything I’ve done to contribute to this situation.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.


  • Just the right words at just the right moment…thank you <3


  • Such a beautifully written article. I too have been carrying rose quartz with me for the last week. Thank you for all your insight! <3


  • So beautiful. I love you

    Robert Sedgwick

  • The final prayer is the Ho’oponopono forgiveness prayer, a traditional Hawaiian prayer for peace and healing.


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