Dragon Tale: A Spirit Guide Reveals Itself

I am sharing this example of magic with permission from GG, a brave and gracious client, one of the first to sign up for the Journey to Magic.

GG is in a transformational year (her personal number for 2017 is 5), on a new path, and, like me, has been seeking clarity and reassurance from spirit. We began her Journey to Magic on Friday, at the New Moon. Over the course of an hour she dove into her soul, at times raging and at times rejoicing as she gave voice to long held emotions, stories, and beliefs, the darkest of dark and the lightest of light. The energy kept getting higher as magic kept asserting itself through repeated themes of music, children, "earth angels", higher purpose, and the number 5. I usually don't draw a spirit animal card on the call, but the energy was so high I couldn't not. And then there was the most magical affirmation when her summer spirit revealed itself: the Earth Dragon...

"My old friend!" she cried, explaining that she was born in the year of the Dragon, always had an affinity for them, collected them as a child and even had a limited edition dragon beanie baby. (I always loved those!)

Magic is most apparent in those lightbulb moments when you find yourself saying "OF COURSE!", and realize the newly discovered insight was right there in front of you all along. This tiny Siciliana does not suffer from lack of heat (she is in fact the very epitome of spitfire!) - but the earth dragon is just the energy she will embrace to ground and focus her passion towards a new adventure.

It resonates with me too. I realize how much I am seeing my own yearnings reflected back to me in each of these beautiful people who are taking a chance with me on a new path, entrusting me with their stories, sharing their spirits, reminding me -  reminding us - that we are not alone. And I am so grateful. So filled with wonder, and so giddy with delight. Breathless, ecstatic.

I thought I'd make her a bracelet with turquoise, citrine, and tree agate...digging through boxes of stones, beads, and various treasures collected over the years, I stumble upon this forgotten pendant...a dragon.

No bracelet for this spitfire: a necklace...

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