Annmaria Mazzini

My marriage ended this year. There was a big crash in the spring. There were a few months of scrambling to put out a fire that only grew, then inevitably got to the point of no control. And that was it. The flames died and all that was left were ashes. Ashes and a shit ton of shit!

The amount of shit left behind! Devastation, anger, resentment, fear, hurt. Shame. These are not nice words, these are not nice feelings, but I can’t deny them. Nor will I deny the many blessings that have come from the pain and the change. When it all started, the first decision I made was that I would not let it destroy me. I refused to be destroyed. I am strong and my strength will see me through. Like everyone, I have been through difficulties that are all an inevitable part of being on a life journey, and I refuse to let this one stop me. Lesson 1: I am stronger than I think.

I won’t elaborate on the lows of my healing journey thus far (but I will hint at the delights of the highs!). This is just one segment of the longer journey that is one of constant movement, no stopping points. I trust in this soul’s journey, and I trust in the wisdom gained from all of the experiences it gives me.

No longer having the outlet of dancing and performing, the experience of truly being with and processing my feelings has been challenging, but always the most efficient road (of both being and avoiding) is to follow my bliss: what truly inspires, engages, and delights me. These stones and their colors and their stories and energy, as well as the moving spirits I make them for, connect me to my joy, my passion, my purpose, and my power.

I am so happy to be back in the world! I love my home, I love the work I do here, and I will continue to do it. But I am ready for more, so I am putting my spirit back in the world. I am enjoying this magical city, spending time with friends, and connecting with family. I am dancing, and I am living – vibrantly, colorfully, authentically, and joyfully. I am feeling things, making things, and sharing.

The amulets I have made this year represent all these good things. Yes to movement, yes to joy and bliss, yes to spirit, and a resounding yes to life and all its divergent, inevitable paths that are joyful, treacherous, and magical.

In addition to the new amulets available here, I had the honor of creating more custom commissions this year. This has allowed me to go deeper into my intuition and creativity, and - consistently, uncannily - my own healing. I am indebted to each and every one of the fascinating, caring souls who so generously shared their spirits’ stories, and entrusted me with the privilege of creating their own personal magical tools. I humbly thank you – all of your stories mirrored mine in some way, and all the healing I wanted for you I needed for myself as well. You were all the teachers I needed at those exact moments: you pointed me to the realizations, the next steps, and the best stones! When I look back on this time I will remember the softness and resilience of rhodonite, the gentleness and serenity of pearls, the determination and hunger and magic of tiger eye…

Grateful does not even begin to describe the feelings of love I have for the incredible people in both my immediate and acquired families. It is easy to stay motivated, hopeful, and trusting when I am surrounded by such support, strength, and faith! I know that I am so blessed and lucky, and I am so grateful. And excited, because I know that I am moving into the next great leg of my journey.

I have my faults: I will always examine them, and always try to be better. But for all those faults I still say I am happy and grateful to be with this person I’m with (ME!), because – among many other things – she’s a friggin badass, and a hoot, totally vulnerable and hysterical, curious and tenacious as hell, and so full of love.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Thank you for listening!

I hope you enjoy my new Dancing Amulets, and that they will bring magic to you as t

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