Special Summer Offer: A Journey to Magic

As the year’s longest day approaches, do you feel the heightened sense of magic around you? The Summer Solstice is one of the times when the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world is at its thinnest. You may be experiencing mixed emotions about endings, but also feeling a deeper yearning for something more.
Is your spirit tugging you in the direction of new visions, goals, and opportunities?
I have something special to offer you, a personalized journey towards your dreams.
I will be your guide and support this summer on your very own
From now through July 10th, for just $75*, you will receive:
  • A one on one conversation with me, in which we will discuss your dreams and goals for the months ahead
  • An animal oracle card reading/interpretation that will reveal your magical spirit guide for the summer, and explain the symbolism of that animal as it relates to your personal journey
  • A Dancing Amulets bracelet, pair of earrings, or pendulum (your choice), created specifically for you with the stones and colors that will empower your intentions
  • A 10 mL roller bottle of a personal summer scent, made with the essential oils best suited to emotionally support you as you pursue your purpose
  • A personalized creative ritual/spell for you to practice at the New and Full Moons, or anytime you choose: utilizing either dance, song, writing, or art
  • Suggested affirmations and unlimited follow up and check-in calls, as you need, throughout the summer
  • A full report detailing the meanings and significance of all the above, that you will be able to refer back to throughout your journey through magic
A $250 value, yours for just $75*.
*Plus tax and shipping.
Limited to 20 clients, now through July 10th.

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