The World Needs Your Rainbow! Illuminate It With Labradorite

 I am crazy for labradorite and I believe everyone should have one. I’ll tell you why:

You have a golden light within you. When it shines, it illuminates the beautiful rainbow of energy all around you. Within that bubble of color, you are your authentic, golden self: you real and you are dazzling. It’s your instinct to let that light shine.

Obey it!

Dammmmmmmit! Obey it!

Shine on magical one! The world really really does need your rainbow!

I know you believe me. But you have a “but”. Well I see your but, and I raise you 20. Being your authentic self is a vulnerable business, no doubt. You’re revealing yourself, exposing yourself, to a world you can’t control, and I guarantee that not everyone is going to respond positively. Oh how I admire the people that don’t let that bother them. I, unfortunately am not one of them.

I do aspire to be, and one day I will get there, but in the meantime I do need some medicine to deflect that negativity, something to help repair the occasional cracks and dents in my aura...

Hello Labradorite, you beautiful gift from Mother Earth! Angels live inside your silvery surface. I see their smiles and fist pumps through those fascinating flashes of blue, green , and pink! You ground me in the magic and transcendence of this very moment, the absolute now, while lifting my spirit to a higher level of consciousness, where I can access my own angels, the collective wisdom of the universe, and my true purpose…to joyfully, confidently let my light shine!


I love this stone, and it’s here for you too! It can open your imagination, inspire you, and help you to see things from a different perspective. As we enter 2017, this is a stone you want in your corner: it will give you strength and perseverance, protect you from negativity, and it will affirm your higher purpose! So shine on, magical one!

This is one of my favorite stones to give as a gift too, especially to my friends who are performers, teachers, salespersons, healers…many of them are natural introverts who have been called to extroverted vocations. Each of their rainbows is so beautifully unique - and they share them so generously! - but they are vulnerable to resistance, sometimes even hostility, from people who are, quite simply, poopheads.

I do not say that dismissively or judgmentally. I really do feel for the poopheads. Some days, in times of weakness, frustration, or despair, I sure can be a poophead myself. These are people who, for numerous reasons, some temporarily, some chronically, are unable to accept love, and  unable to truly love and accept themselves: their lights are squashed out by bitterness and resentment, turning their glorious rainbows into a murky, soupy mix of brown. “Poophead”, though not a nice description, is sadly accurate.

Send them love, send them blessings, and tend to your own rainbow. Keep loving yourself, keep shining your radiant light. Vampires cannot survive in the sun.

And there you have it: everyone needs labradorite.


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