Transforming into a Different Animal

I am going deeper into myself this summer, tapping into something I've been avoiding. My spirit has told me it is time to allow...to transform into a different animal.
For the last couple years, my guides have been sending me the message that what I am seeking is within me, not without me; that once I begin tapping into my intuitive gifts, my whole world will open up. I have been avoiding this, hiding from it, because I am so afraid of how I will be received...afraid of being misunderstood, judged, rejected.
The simple truth that I cannot control that has finally penetrated my understanding. And I will not, cannot let that fear prevent me from expressing my truth any longer.
I can't control how I am received, but I can control what and how much I give, and it is time for me to start living up to my highest potential, because I do have more to share and more to give: more love, more light, more power, more compassion, more strength, beauty, and magic.That is the intention I've set for myself this summer, and why I embarked on my own Journey to Magic.
I know that I am not alone; I feel the universal shift that is happening, and everyday I see and hear of other souls finding themselves at this same point of pushing past fear to embark on a new path of purpose, service, and fulfillment.
The path is not entirely clear. It's like driving on a dark country road with headlights but no high beams. Fear sleeps in the backseat but occasionally rouses to tease, "are we there yet?" and I slow down, think about pulling over, maybe I should turn back? Then my guides come in with some sign, an extraordinary affirmation, assuring me I am on the right path, and I am again filled with that breathless ecstasy of awed wonder and overwhelming gratitude.
That is why I started this new project, the Journey to Magic: to accept who I am, where I am. To exercise my intuition and my empathy, and to find my kindred spirits, my traveling companions. This is my path, my purpose. Is this the magic you seek too?
I have extended an invitation to join me at this very low introductory offer of $75 because I wanted to make it really easy - financially I mean - to take a chance on me, and to give me the opportunity to practice this new magic...this new magic that is very old, old as my soul. It has been sleeping for so long, and I need help waking it up.
I have limited it to 20 moving spirits, and have room for 13 more. Will you join me?


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