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Dancing Amulets

$ 160.00
A septet of green Peruvian opals dance on gold plated chain filled with dangling clusters of pink and green tourmaline

14K gold filled lobster clasp, 17 inches

Your Dancing Amulet will arrive in a colorful, spellbound box with the following description of its unique magic printed on parchment paper:
Peruvian opals are providers of green magic: stimulating the heart chakra to allow for the flow of breath and love, building self-esteem, facilitating the expression, movement, and transformation of feelings, and celebrating your uniqueness and authenticity. They also encourage positive thought forms, amplifying prayers for peace and the healing of the earth’s energy field. Pink and green tourmaline promote compassion and understand while joyfully sustaining you with the will to put positive, nourishing energy into the world.  
Be creative with this magical tool, the more you wear it, the more it will attune to your personal energy, and the more powerful it will become.
This is your magic. May it bless you and serve you well.


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