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Dancing Amulets

$ 225.00
Light dances off the facets of these smoky quartz crystals while golden champagne pearl coins shimmer with gently vibrant sunstones on a small and sturdy rope of copper and gold pyrite

14K gold filled lobster clasp, 18 inches

Your Dancing Amulet will arrive in a colorful, spellbound box with the following description of its unique magic printed on parchment paper:


Smoky quartz stones offer gentle protection and assurance, replacing fear and self-limiting beliefs with focus, optimism, and positive, productive energy. Golden sun pearls warm and nourish your soul, allowing for softness, receptivity, and pleasure. Sensuous and playful sunstones enhance feelings of gratitude, facilitating a sustained state of blissful well-being and abundance. A mix of sparkling metal hematines provide the support and balance, the strength and desire to live your essence and fulfill your dreams.
Be creative with this magical tool, the more you wear it, the more it will attune to your personal energy, and the more powerful it will become.
This is your magic. May it bless you and serve you well.


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