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Starfish Blue Violet Pearl Ankle Amulet
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Dancing Amulets

$ 140.00
Starfish Blue Violet Pearl Ankle Amulet

Smooth round silvery blue pearls and violet pearl drops link to gold fill starfish on a delicate ankle chain bracelet with 14K gold filled lobster clasp with two loops to close at 10 inches or 10.5 inches.

Your handwrought, spellcrafted Dancing Amulet is a sacred tool of energetic wellness and health. It will arrive in a colorfully enchanted paperbound box with the following description of its magic printed on parchment:

Starfish magic is the gentle art of allowing, listening, and surrendering: the mystical parasympathetic state of being that takes us out of fight or flight and into divine flow. Pearls connect to wisdom, intuition, and the calm quiet ocean within us.   

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