Harmony Bloom and Birth Bracelet
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Dancing Amulets

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Harmony Bloom and Birth Bracelet

 Smooth periwinkle jade stones appear between tiny facets of blue apatite and peach moonstone. All stones that support a healthy pregnancy, this natural magic is ideal for mothers-to-be. Finished with 14k gold filled spring clasp and single loop closure, 6.75 inches. Additional loop can be added by request, please specify in the NOTES section of your cart.

Your handwrought, spellcrafted Dancing Amulet is a sacred tool of energetic wellness and health. It will arrive in a colorfully enchanted paperbound box with the following description of its magic printed on parchment:

 Jade’s steadfast nourishment allows for a quality of softening throughout your entire being, empowering you with the unstoppable strength and trust that is revealed through the deepening into yourself, the surrender to the mystery. Periwinkle jade opens the crown chakra, summoning insight and melting resistance, yielding to magic.

Moonstone supports a healthy journey, enhancing intuition and awareness, and awakening feminine instinct.

Apatite is a gradual energy builder, providing the necessary inertia when the timing is right, and uplifting you with fresh motivation, efficiency, and sustained trust as you navigate the transition from one magical phase to another.

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