Magic Turquoise Pendulum#17

Dancing Amulets

$ 135.00
Turquoise pendant with assorted gemstones on 14K gold fill wire chain with lobster clasp and loops at 6.75, 7.25, and 7.75 inches.
Handmade in NYC. A jewelry box is included for easy gifting, as well as the following insights on the special magic of this one-of-a-kind Dancing Amulet:



with lapis lazuli, ruby, black tourmaline, and pink jade.

An ancient divining tool, the pendulum responds to energetic shifts to reveal the wisdom of your higher self. Hold your pendulum from the top, between your thumb and forefinger, and ask it a yes or no question. Keep a still hand, observing the spin of the pendulum in a clockwise motion to indicate a positive response or counter-clockwise to indicate no.

 Allow your pendulum to hover over any areas of tension, allowing the inevitable spin to coax movement and transformation.

Circle over meaningful words, images, and objects to amplify the magic of your personal spells and rituals.

 When not using your pendulum, hang it where the light of the sun shines through it, infusing your home with the positive, nourishing energy of stone, color, and warmth.


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