Moonstones Garland Earrings
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Dancing AMulets

$ 110.00
Moonstone: beautifully versatile, potent magic essential for every woman. Rainbows dance in each of the five hearts that attach to a 14K gold filled cable chain, 1.5 inches long with a ball and post at the top.
Supportive in all aspects of the feminine health cycle from maiden to mother to crone, their energy follows the phases of the moon: active, creative, and productive as the Moon grows to full; receptive, healing, and open to messages from your guides as she wanes to dark. This cohesive flow between your own cycles and Nature's supports a deeper connection to your spirit and Divine Feminine wisdom.

Your Dancing Amulets are magical tools to support and uplift you. They will arrive in a spellbound box, accompanied by small parchment paper describing your stones' unique attributes:

women's health, healing,creativity, nurturing, attraction, awareness, abundance

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