Lumaia: Roots and Wings

Dancing Amulets

$ 150.00

Lumaia is a Hawaiian word that means "feather". This amulet is the essence of Bird Magic: the strength of roots and the expansion of wings. A black jasper rhombus pendant, surrounded by smooth black and pink tourmaline nuggets, summons the element of Earth, while 22 inches of amethyst rounds and silver spacers circle you with the energy of Air.

Handmade in NYC with sterling silver lobster clasp, your Dancing Amulet will arrive boxed and ready to gift with the following description of its unique magic:

The seat of your soul is a nest, hugged by branches high in the air, of a tree, lying in the arm of Mother Earth. 

BLACK JASPER summons an inquisitive, courageous, adventurous spirit, living in harmony with her surroundings, attaining great heights 

AMETHYST soothes the psyche, promotes healing, listening, trusting; awakens the third eye, expanding awareness and spiritual visions, astral journeys


BLACK TOURMALINE, protective and stabilizing, honors integrity, and increases understanding and confidence.

PINK TOURMALINE offers nourishing earth magic that is sweetened with gentle, loving energy to support self-love and the desire to notice and share beauty everywhere.

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