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Dancing Amulets

$ 170.00

Chinese turquoise pendant necklace with gold vermeil, faceted prehnite ovals, turquoise roundels, and small faceted dark garnets. Finished with a 14K gold fill spring clasp and three loops for adjustable sizing at 16.25, 16.75, and 17.25 inches.

 Your Dancing Amulet is magically charged to illuminate the strength and beauty of your moving spirit and good intentions. It will arrive boxed with the following description of its magic printed on parchment paper:


Turquoise magic will protect you on your travels, connect you to the collective wisdom of humankind, and give you strength and courage to find your voice and express your passion. Prehnite stones stimulate healing and encourage receptivity, allowing you to understand emotions and transform them into creative action, softening the heart, and opening doors to personal power and prosperity. Rich garnets bring in those wonderfully pleasing tones of desire, supporting all the deliciousness life has to offer.

Be creative with this magical tool: the more you work with it, the more attuned it will be personal energy, and the more powerful it will become.



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