Mermaid Cove

Dancing Amulets

$ 95.00

You know yourself well. It's perfectly fine that some treasures can be kept secret, only for us to enjoy alone, to cherish, to draw power from...a one inch coin pendant of fossil coral is a fascinating capture of a magical, ethereal world inviting you to explore its pictures and stories. A palette of earthy, beachy pinks: berry agates, peach moonstones, black and rose pearls, with warming garnets adorn you in celebration of the soulful connection found in nature, in solitude,  in wonder, and in delight. 25 inches

Handmade in NYC with sterling silver lobster clasp, your Dancing Amulet will arrive boxed and ready to gift with the following description of its unique magic:

FOSSIL CORAL connects us to forgotten worlds, our history, our ancestors...offering sanctuary, meditation, and access to wisdom and insight to inform and inspire

 GARNETS warm with pleasure enhancing energy, embracing sensuality, honoring passion, claiming power

MOONSTONE, aligns personal energy and magical intention with the tides, and phases of the moon

PINK AGATE honors your personal truth, opens your heart with love and acceptance

PEARLS, encourage a fluid approach to life, inviting abundance and adventure with fun and ease

Be creative with this enchanted  tool. The more you access it, the more it will attune to your personal magic, and the more powerful it will become.

So be it!

May it bless you and serve you well.

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