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Dancing Amulets

$ 200.00

Black cultured pearl coin with faceted amethyst and dyed mauve pearls, on a string of tiny, diamond cut amethyst, pyrite, and peach moonstone with 14K gold filled spring clasp, 15.5 inches.

Additional loops can be added upon request, up to 18 inches.

This Dancing Amulet, handwrought and spellbound, is a sacred tool of energy, charged to connect with your spirit and align with your intentions. It will arrive in an enchanted papercrafted box, accompanied by the following description of its magic, printed on parchment:

Where the sea meets the sky, black pearl acknowledges the wisdom gained from life’s experiences. There are no mistakes or judgment. Where the stars meet the waves, amethyst embraces mystery, initiates softening and healing, and expands the mind, exuding peace. Peach moonstone deepens intuition and elevates magical awareness, while pyrite attracts prosperity and encourages adventure. Where the sea meets the sky, pearls reach for the moon, bending but never breaking, their strength is in their softening.

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