Cat Cave: fossil coral and red tiger eye amulet

Dancing Amulets

$ 150.00

Retreat to the soothing, empowering sanctuary in your heart where a wise and protective guardian spirit holds space with you. An extraordinary, one of a kind fossil coral pendant offers an infinite amount of colors, pictures, stories of the earth, and stories of the ancestors. Blood red tiger eye and garnets activate root chakra energy, asserting strength and authority, emboldening desire, claiming love. 22 inches 

Handmade in NYC with sterling silver lobster clasp, your Dancing Amulet will arrive boxed and ready to gift with the following description of its unique magic:

FOSSIL CORAL connects us to forgotten worlds, our history, our ancestors...offering wisdom and insight to inform and inspire us today.

RED TIGER EYE is a powerful protective stone, a summoner of courage, confidence, and decisive will, and a potent attractor of luck, prosperity, and magic.  

 GARNETS keep the fire fed with passion, devotion, and beauty.

Be creative with this enchanted  tool. The more you access it, the more it will attune to your personal magic, and the more powerful it will become.

So be it!

May it bless you and serve you well.

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