The Woods: rhyolite and apatite amulet

Dancing Amulets

$ 150.00

The quiet magic of a lush forest is evoked in a large circular rhyolite pendant and 30 glorious inches of blue apatite, green tourmaline, onyx, and hematite. Experience the benefits of forest bathing with this delicious and nourishing energy, a reminder of your wisdom and resilience.

Handmade in NYC with sterling silver lobster clasp, your Dancing Amulet will arrive boxed and ready to gift with the following description of its unique magic:

The infinite wisdom and mystery of Nature is is evoked in the swirling layers of RHYOLITE a picturesque green jasper charged to soften and strengthen your heart, expand your breath, help you to be fully present in each moment, and to sit with every emotion that comes up.

APATITE brings the essence of air and water: nourishment, purification, and connection to the etheric realms of nature spirits, enhancing communication and psychic awareness,

ONYX provides practical, grounding energy that asserts independence, personal values, and boundaries,

GREEN TOURMALINE’s fertile earth magic is rich in nutrients for the soul: promoting self-love, compassion, and understanding, and the desire to put positive, nourishing energy into the world.

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