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Strega Bastet
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Dancing Amulets

$ 115.00
Strega Bastet

 Smooth black astrophyllite ovals, entrancing with flashes of silver iridescence, link with faceted mookaite in lush wine color, connected with 14K gold filled lobster clasp and single loop at 7 inches.

This Dancing Amulet, handwrought and spellbound, is a sacred tool of energy, charged to connect with your spirit and align with your intentions. It will arrive in an enchanted papercrafted box, accompanied by the following description of its magic, printed on parchment:

Mystical astrophyllite honors discernment, and the necessity of releasing what is no longer needed, allowing for ease and efficiency, expanding possibility.

Mookaite awakens powerful earth energies within your home, lessening distractions and dissipating feelings of overwhelm, supporting warmth, circulation, and productive workflow, and instilling feelings of confidence and well-being.

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