Strega Ops
Pietersite ovals hold swirls of blue, brown, and wine colored magic alongside deep mahogany obsidian, joined together with a sterling silver clasp and single loop closure at 7 inches.
Additional loop for added length is available by request, please specify in the NOTES section of your shopping cart.
This Dancing Amulet, handwrought and spellbound, is a sacred tool of energy, charged to connect with your spirit and align with your intentions. It will come to you in an enchanted paperbound box, accompanied by the following description of its magic, printed on parchment:
Mahogany obsidian’s earth magic releases tension and halts self-judgment, allowing for greater trust in oneself and greater enjoyment of life’s pleasures and rewards.
Pietersite, the tempest stone, supports vision, insight, and altered states of awareness, aligning your energy centers to fully experience the joys of earthly beauty and magic.

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