Webs: Clear Quartz with Multigems
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Dancing Amulets

$ 190.00
Faceted clear quartz crystal is caught in an intricate web of magic with multiple gemstones woven together for a rosy effect.
14K gold filled ball and post earrings, 1.5 inches long
Dancing Amulets earrings are empowered with magical energy to illuminate your moving spirit and good intentions. They will arrive in a spellbound box, accompanied by a printed parchment of each stone's magic:

Clear Quartz

pure life force: energizing, cleansing, and healing

illuminates the spirit and amplifies magical intent

Garnet, Amethyst, Labradorite,

Tanzanite, and Tourmaline

encourages creativity and action, joy, love, passion, awareness and connection, positive energy


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