Essential Oils

Essential oils are magical tools I use everyday in my work as amulet maker, dancer, mom, teacher, and good witch.
I first discovered essential oils while touring as a modern dancer, a profession as physically and emotionally demanding as it is glamorous, fulfilling, and well...intimate. Oils kept my immune system strong and healthy on crowded airplanes and in dusty theaters, where my fellow dancers and I literally sweated and crawled all over each other. I had an oil for everything from muscle soreness to performance jitters, from jet lag to skincare. A favorite blend I was never without was the one I called "Stummy Soother", a mix of two drops of ginger and one drop of lavender, mixed with a simple massage oil. I first tried it on a long travel day when I was overcome by nausea, and was amazed to find it completely relieved within minutes. From then on I was hooked.
Mama is never without a roller bottle of melaleuca for playground scrapes and seasonal discomforts, and I love to apply it right down my and my little one's spines to keep our energy positive and fully our own (psychic vampires, be gone!) Our bedtime routine always includes our special oil ritual for winding down and good dreams: a collection of soothing scents for the diffuser as well as a nice sleepytime blend to the bottoms of his little feet.
Back in the studio for dance class, I stay mentally focused and physically supple as I work to create an atmosphere for my students that is clean, spiritually energized, and full of joy: a sacred space where they can fully trust and explore their vulnerability and authenticity and be their most ecstatic selves.
As a good witch and intuitive healer I love incorporating oils into my meditations, spells, and magical jewelry. In addition to my Dancing Amulets, I make personalized essential oil blends to move spirits and support my clients' well-being on their magical journeys.
To order your own custom blend, or to learn more about how to incorporate this plant magic into your own magical life, contact me.