Amethyst Oval with Single Drops
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Dancing Amulets

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Amethyst Oval with Single Drops
The stone medicine of amethyst, here in a dazzling oval hoop with a single tear, is similar to the all-healing capabilities of lavender: just as a bottle of this miracle oil is a must for every medicine cabinet, so too should every magical jewelry chest include amethyst. It is both healing and stimulating, interchanging peaceful, spiritual, contemplative energy - conducive to listening and feeling - with invigorating, motivating passion.
On 14K Gold Filled ear wires, 1.5 inches long.
Dancing Amulets earrings are empowered with magical energy to illuminate your moving spirit. They will arrive boxed, with the following description of their qualities printed on parchment paper:


the all healer

peace, power, spiritual connection

dreams, direction, inner strength

magical awareness


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