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Dancing Amulets

$ 210.00
Fossil coral's guidance comes to us to help heal our family history. Swim with the sea sylphs when you meditate on the loving spirits held in this magical fossil coral, wrapped with red jasper and suspended from a long rope of moss agate, dumortiertite, red jasper, and sparks of gold hematine. With a 14K gold filled lobster clasp, it is 27.5 inches of potent stone medicine.

Your magical Dancing Amulet will arrive in an enchanted box, accompanied by the following intentions and spells printed on parchment paper:


The Goddess of Summer Fruit: Nourishment, Growth, and Abundance is an acknowledgement of the seasonal nature of life. A fossil coral pendant, carrying the wisdom of ancient underwater creatures, connects us to our ancestors, to their guidance and insight, and to the parts of ourselves that they reveal to us. Moss agate brings the energy of youth to this foundation of generational support: the health, nutrition, and spirit that creates new ideas and blossoms in unexpected and wonderful ways. Dumortierite strengthens a sense of self that is both supported by and independent of the influence of previous generations. Lastly, red jasper imparts endurance, warmth, and the assurance that you are never alone.

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