Chrysoprase with Green Tourmaline, Labradorite, Prehnite

Dancing AMulets

$ 175.00

Faceted chrysoprase with green tourmaline, prehnite, and labradorite drops on 14K gold filled ball and post earrings, 1.75 inches.

As 2016 comes to a close, this is proving to be a timely stone. Only one pair of these earrings is available. Contact me if you would like to commission a chrysoprase amulet.

Your Dancing Amulets earrings are empowered with magical energy to illuminate your magical spirit. They will arrive boxed with the following description of its special magic printed on parchment paper:



this is your magic


peace of mind, healing

connection to the whole, for the betterment of the whole

acting with integrity, understanding, compassion

moving beyond ego to find acceptance and encourage forgiveness

finding stable ground again

Green Tourmaline

personal growth, nurturing, understanding, compassion, patience, vision, direction


calming thoughts, cleansing energy


breath, presence, joy, angelic guidance, auric protection, inspiration and light