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Dancing Amulets

$ 110.00
Coral is prized as one of the sea's treasures, providing nourishing energy that is soothing, sensual, and full of physical and emotional health benefits. Accept coral's invitation to experience its magic this summer, watch how it affects you...
Bright red bamboo coral partners with graceful onyx fringe. With 14K gold filled spring clasp, 7.5 inches.

Your magical Dancing Amulet will arrive in an enchanted box, accompanied by the following intentions and spells printed on parchment paper:


Magic for your Moving Spirit

Coral’s support is love from the ocean, the essence of Goddess nourishment and strength: connected to the source of life, fluid, supple, resilient, and enduring. With balancing energies to allow for acceptance, transformation, and regeneration, it promotes circulation and growth, and eases resistance to conflict and change. Vibrating with divine feminine magic and power, it harmonizes body and spirit, enhancing feelings of peace and well-being, while supporting bone and joint health, fertility, and brain health. A protective amulet for the home and the body, in red form coral amplifies love and sex energy and promotes feelings of warmth, euphoria, and fulfillment.

Onyx offers a dependable anchor to the stability of the earth, supporting emotional and financial independence, strength of conviction, humor and adaptability, and peace of mind.

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