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Dancing Amulets

$ 85.00
Essential magic for the divine feminine warrior: a rainbow moonstone is surrounded by amazonite angoori fringe on gold plated chain, finished with a 14K gold fill spring clasp and two rings at 6.5 inches. Additional loops can be added if needed!

Your Dancing Amulet is magically charged to illuminate the strength and beauty of your moving spirit and good intentions. It will arrive boxed with the following description of its magic printed on parchment paper:


Moonstone is a stone of attraction and abundance, supportive of women’s health, creativity, and intuition. Amazonite instills this feminine warrior with courage, confidence, and serenity With a powerful connection to benevolent nature spirits, it encourages spiritual attunement and peaceful thoughts while purifying one’s being of the draining effects of the modern world, promoting health and sustainability.

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