Dancing AMulets

$ 210.00

Turquoise pendant with turquoise, lapis lazuli, green onyx, and carnelian, with copper hematine throughout. 28 inches with gold fill clasp.

This Dancing Amulet is a sacred tool empowered with energy to illuminate your magical spirit. It will arrive boxed with the following description of its magic printed on parchment paper:
this is your magic
A vibrant garland of color illuminates the rainbow of energy around you, spreading joyful exuberance, inviting pixie magic, and sending nurturing love to our Mother Earth. Turquoise accesses the collective consciousness of the whole of humankind: touch your amulet every time you want to project something positive into the universe, for the sake of the planet and the good of all: a hopeful prayer of healing, an intention of belief that peace can be achieved, an affirmation of your commitment to protecting and defending her. It is a stone to promote effective, transformative communication; to inspire leadership and progress; to heal the environment.
In challenging moments, when you find your vibration compromised, or your personal energy and the energy of those around you depleted or darkened by despair or anger, grasp your amulet by its crystal rope and give it a gentle but vigorous shake. This magical action will send a cleansing ripple of color and intention through your personal aura, into the room, and into the world, to banish negativity and replace it with light, faith, and joy.
This will also summon the pixie friends, who will insist you take a moment for yourself to complete the spell by grounding your spirit and taking part, even if just for the moment, in an activity that brings you special joy: a moment of dancing, a deep breath of fresh air, time with a beloved pet, a minute in a flower garden to appreciate the rejuvenating magic of nature and color, a gratitude list, a hug, an act of service for someone in need.
The medicine of turquoise is complemented by:
Carnelian: an invigoratingly warm energizer and bringer of courage, happiness, and harmony
Green Onyx: a clarifying stone to open the heart and celebrate your unique spirit
Lapis Lazuli: a dream stone to facilitate magical awareness, inner truth, and loving relationships.
Be creative with this magical tool, the more you use it the more it will attune to your personal energy, and the more powerful it will become.

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