Labradorite in Turquoise and Pearl Frames

Dancing AMulets

$ 70.00
Labradorite in Turquoise and Pearl Frames

Labradorite with pearl and turquoise on 14K gold filled hook earring with shimmering stardust ball, 1.5 inches.

Labradorite ovals, luminously silver with peek-a-boo glimpses of rainbows, resemble angel faces, encircled by a halo of turquoise and pearl. Timeless, elegant, and classic: your spirit guides will be pleased.

These jewels are magical tools to support you and your unique energy. They will arrive boxed, accompanied by this description of each stone's qualities, printed on parchment paper:



this is your magic


angelic guidance, humor, joy, magic


pure channel of expression, universal protection


flow, wisdom, abundance