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Dancing Amulets

$ 200.00
Black peacock coin pearls reflect the pink of bright tourmaline triangles and tiny pink garnets, with flashes of mystic blue spinel and anchored by smaller black freshwater pearls for added dazzle
14K gold filled spring clasp with three loops to size at 15.5, 16.25, and 17 inches.

Your Dancing Amulet is empowered with magic to uplift you and illuminate your spirit. It will arrive in a spellbound box, accompanied by these printed intentions:

We are forever students, always learning, always growing. Luminous black coin pearls keep us open to new information and flexible when inevitable challenges arrive, reminding us that setbacks are temporary, and there is always wisdom to be gained. Pink tourmaline acknowledges your grace, your resolve, and your resiliency…it allows you to acknowledge yourself for the many wonderful qualities you possess: you will always remember and be true to who you are, and any judgment you encounter from others will not deter your indomitable spirit! Garnets amplify the magic of your unapologetically radiant self: no matter where you are in your journey, you will always be motivated and uplifted by the excitement and passion of your inner child, and your hunger for knowledge and adventure will be rewarded. Tiny flashes of mystic blue spinel dance around you like twinkling stars, announcing intentions of magic as you make your way through the world.

There is only one you, and the world needs you, as you are

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