Gemstone Briolette Cluster Earrings: Garnet and More
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Dancing AMulets

$ 150.00
Delicious, multicolored texture and magic! These amulets feature (in ascending order) five stunning briolettes of garnet, blue quartz, green and pink tourmaline, and amethyst, and complimented by ten sparkling stars of tiny mystic blue spinel.
On 14K gold filled ball and posts, 1 inch long.
  Your Dancing Amulet earrings are magically charged to illuminate the strength and beauty of your moving spirit and good intentions. They will arrive in a spellbound box with the following description of their magic printed on parchment paper:


courage, passion

Blue Quartz

magical awareness, attunement

Green and Pink Tourmaline

 spiritual growth, balance


inner peace

 Mystic Blue Spinel

mystery, curiosity

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