Oneness Bracelet
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Dancing Amulets

$ 115.00
Within this soft golden palette of pink, red, and violet, vermeil daisy spacers gather in threes to add weight and nobility to this magical jewel made of peach pearl, tanzanite, garnet, and pyrite. Its energy is peaceful, reassuring, and inspiring.
14K gold filled spring clasp with two loops to size at 7 and 7.25 inches. Additional loops can be added.

Your magical Dancing Amulet will arrive in an enchanted box, accompanied by the following intentions and spells printed on parchment paper:

The healing violet light of tanzanite connects you to the collective power of Source. Pyrite affirms optimism and trust, pearls nurture love and hope for a peaceful world, and garnets invigorate this purity of spirit with courage.

Take deep breaths and allow the energy of this magic to fill you with peace. Your belief in the goodness of humankind comes from the goodness in your heart.  Bless you: your energy is one with all that is good and true.

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