Orange Coral Fringe Bracelet
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Dancing Amulets

$ 40.00

The fringe bracelet is summer's must have accessory: this is an easy and affordable way to benefit from two of the season's most healing and invigorating stones: amazonite is wonderfully cooling and a protective filter from cell phone emanations, while coral is nurturing and balancing. Both stimulate creativity and both relax and raise your spiritual vibe - so there's dream time AND do time.

 The fringe bracelet is a delicious and abundant collection of grape like stones hanging from a gold plated chain. Choose from two sizes in either lovely faceted pale blue amazonite or the vibrant orange of smooth coral. Finished with a 14K gold filled spring clasp, lightweight and fun at 7 or 7.25 inches.

Your magically charged Dancing Amulet will arrive in a spellbound box with the following description of its special magic printed on parchment paper:


Coral’s support is love from the ocean, the essence of Goddess nourishment and strength: connected to the source of life, fluid, supple, resilient, and enduring. With balancing energies to allow for acceptance, transformation, and regeneration, it promotes circulation and growth, and eases resistance to conflict and change. Vibrating with divine feminine magic and power, it harmonizes body and spirit, enhancing feelings of peace and well-being, while supporting bone and joint health, fertility, and brain health. A protective amulet for the home and the body, in red form coral amplifies love and sex energy and promotes feelings of warmth, euphoria, and fulfillment.


Amazonite supports a courageous, serene, confident, peaceful warrior. With a powerful connection to benevolent nature spirits, amazonite enhances intuition, creativity, and joy while filtering the draining effects of environmental stressors and promoting health and vitality.