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Dancing Amulets

$ 200.00

 Faceted black and pink rhodonite ball pendant on 14k gold filled chain necklace with faceted amethyst, rose quartz, and garnet. 14k gold filled links spring clasp with single loop closure, 15 inches. Additional loops can be added upon request, up to 1 inch.

This Dancing Amulet, handwrought and spellbound, is a sacred tool of energy, charged to connect with your spirit and align with your intentions. It will arrive in an enchanted papercrafted box, accompanied by the following description of its magic, printed on parchment:

Rhodonite is a heart stone, and a creation stone, a rose stone containing both the stabilizing energy of earth and the active life force of fire. A stone of balance, temperance, and care, it assists in releasing past trauma, facilitating understanding and self-forgiveness, and releasing patterns that no longer serve you. Bringing peace to your soul, it allows you to focus and diffuse your energy like a steady, slow burning fire.

Stones of love and acceptance create a glow of healing pink light: rose quartz for self-love and friendship, amethyst for collective compassion, spiritual attunement, and peace, and garnet for life itself – beauty, truth, magic, and joy.

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