Ruby Amethyst Apatite Spinel Woven Webs
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Dancing Amulets

$ 185.00
Ruby Amethyst Apatite Spinel Woven Webs
Gorgeous opaque red rubies are joined by a party mix of purple amethyst, turquoise blue apatite, and mystic black spinel. 14K gold filled ball and post earrings, 1.25 inches long.
Ruby: exuberance, passion, lust for life
Amethyst: deep breathing, inner peace, spiritual attunement
Apatite: motivation, synchronicity, connection
Black Spinel: grounding, focus
Your Dancing Amulets will arrive in an enchanted box with the above description of their magic printed on parchment paper.
Be well, be wild, bewitched!
Cast a spell with your DANCING AMULETS

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