Dancing AMulets

$ 165.00
Rose quartz pendant with pink tassel on a "great lengths" necklace of rose quartz chips and turquoise, with silver pyrite and sterling silver clasp, 29.5 inches.

This Dancing Amulet is empowered with magical energy to illuminate your magical spirit. It will arrive boxed with the following description of its magic, printed on parchment paper:



this is your magic


Rose quartz focuses on the heart center, allowing for more breath, openness, and serenity. It is especially effective in times of overwhelm when paired with reassuring, nourishing turquoise. Silver pyrite is here as well, the dazzling sparkles of light in your magical presence.

Check in with yourself at any time by performing the following exercise: take a deep breath, filling the bowl of your heart center with light. When you exhale, diffuse the light in all directions - 360 degrees of light - affirming that the energy goes where it is needed. The breath and light can take on a color as well. It will instantly ground you in the present moment with a renewed sense of serenity and well-being.

This Shana amulet is a reminder that your outer beauty is a reflection of your inner beauty; in practicing self care and love for yourself, you will be a source of light and peace for others.

Be creative with this magical tool. the more you use it, the more it will attune to your personal energy, and the more powerful it will become.


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