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Dancing AMulets

$ 235.00

Ideal for initiates just experiencing that first quickening of a magical awakening: a rutilated quartz pendant on a string of mixed metal beads: copper, pyrite, and gold hematine with mystic labradorite. A popular design that is made to order.

14K gold fill clasp and a small moonstone heart at the back, 14.75 inches. Additional loops can be added upon request.

Your Dancing Amulet earrings are charged with magic to illuminate the strength and beauty of your moving spirit and good intentions. They will arrive boxed with the following description of their magic printed on parchment paper:


A spark of the divine, a flash of inspiration, a whisper from the universe, a sudden change of direction, the still, small certainty that the next great leap forward is imminent...

A rutilated quartz holds the dream in its mystic sparkling world, along with all the tools you possess within yourself to make that dream a reality. Even if you don't quite know what it is yet, the magic has already been set in motion. Trust that it will become clear to you, and that everything will fall into place. This is the same path you have been on all along. Everything that has come before you has brought you to here, and it will all make sense when you get to where you are headed next.

Meditate on this little pendant. Take it into your heart, see it get bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter, radiating rainbows of light from within you. Copper, pyrite, labradorite, and gold magnify the intention, sending stardust, magic, and all the blessings of the universe towards the manifestation. A single moonstone rests at the back as an anchor, a place for the magic to return to. Affirm:

I am a radiant creature of light.

My intentions radiate out from my center. I shine my light.

The energy I send out multiples and returns to me. Manifesting in infinite blessings of love, fulfillment, and abundance.

I am worthy. I am blessed. I am grateful.

Be creative with this magical tool. The more you use it the more it will attune to your personal energy, and the more powerful it will become.




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