Stella Maris Dark Pearl Bracelet 3: Purple Crosses with Magenta and Black Pearls
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Dancing Amulets

$ 75.00
Crosses of biwa pearls dyed a luminous shade of violet form a pattern with black and magenta pearls. Interspersed among them are tiny accents of mystic blue spinel, creating a devotional bracelet that is as nurturing and protective as it is deeply, vibrantly colorful.
14K gold filled spring clasp, 6.5 inches. Additional loops can be added to lengthen, please specify in your shopping cart's notebox.

Your Dancing Amulet is empowered with magic to uplift you and illuminate your spirit. It will arrive in a spellbound box, accompanied by these printed intentions:

Stella Maris is the Virgin Mary, the Star of the Sea: the shining light who protects seafarers, guiding them through turbulent waters, safely home.

Cross shaped pearls reflect the magic luminescence created by the light of the rising moon, inducing feelings of wonder and humility, as we breathe in the glory of nature during the evening fall of her nightly ritual. Black pearls embrace the Divine’s plan for us, and the wisdom gained from all of life’s experiences. Pink pearls whisper assurances of faith, hope, and oneness. They connect us our liquid body, as the tumult of the day’s emotions subside into serene, calm waters. Night emerges and mystic blue spinel stars appear as beacons to lead us through the darkness, back to the promise of a new morning. We feel peace, knowing that God is with us, our Stella Maris is with us, angels are real, and we are all stars on a journey through time…in constant motion…ever changing…yet ever the same.

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