Blue Quartz Drops with Garnet and Pyrite
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Dancing AMulets

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Blue Quartz Drops with Garnet and Pyrite

These lovely blue quartz teardrops bring peace to every room while illuminating the positive life force and magic of the moving spirit they adorn. The deep sensuality of red garnets and the sparkle of pyrite make a colorfully compelling finish to this classic two-tiered drop pendant earring.

On 14K gold filled ear wires, 1.25 inches long.

Your Dancing Amulets are magically charged to illuminate the strength and beauty of your moving spirit and good intentions. They will arrive boxed, accompanied by this description of each stone's qualities, printed on parchment paper:

Blue Quartz

feminine wisdom, mysticism, sensuality, positive life force, magical awareness


motivation, drive, strength, passion


optimism, prosperity, stability

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