Webs: Labradorite with Garnets and Pyrite

Dancing AMulets

$ 275.00

Express the joyful exuberance of your moving spirit with these one of a kind Dancing Amulets web earrings.

Tiny sparkling facets of garnet, labradorite, and pyrite are woven together with 14K gold filled wire, joining mesmerizing labradorite teardrops in a magical dance of strength, confidence, and purpose.

Each earring is approximately 2 inches long and set on 14K gold filled ball and post earrings.

It will arrive ready to be given as a gift or treasured on its own in a beautiful box, accompanied by the following description of its magic, printed on parchment paper:

A deep breath is the quickest, easiest way to ground yourself in the now. Labradorite protects, heals, and illuminates your aura of color, connects you to angelic wisdom and guidance, and affirms your higher purpose so you can confidently, joyfully, share your light.
Fiery and passionate, it warms the bloods and softens blocks in the body, encouraging creativity and action.
“Fool’s Gold” celebrates innocence, optimism, trust, and wisdom, while inviting prosperity. God loves a fool.