Webs: Citrine with Garnet and Pyrite
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Dancing Amulets

$ 200.00
Webs: Citrine with Garnet and Pyrite
Citrine is a joyful, assuring stone resonating with the solar plexus chakra, your center of confidence and identity.Three citrine tears are woven with garnets and pyrite for a magic that is enthusiastic, motivating, and joyful, magic that believes in you.
14K gold filled ball and post earrings, 1.25 inches long
Dancing Amulets earrings are empowered with magical energy to illuminate your moving spirit and good intentions. They will arrive boxed with the following description of each stone's magic printed on parchment paper:


creativity, hope, prosperity

holds no negativity, instead transforming it into positive and productive energy


fiery and passionate, warms the bloods,
softens blocks in the body, encourages creativity and action

joy, love, passion


“fool’s gold” celebrates innocence, optimism, trust, wisdom;
invites prosperity
God loves a fool


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