Blessed Be my friends!  The Season of Spellcasting is upon us! What magic are you concocting? Perhaps you will find an amulet suitable to your purpose within my newest collection, BEWITCHMENTS.




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An ancient tool for consulting the oracle of the higher self, the pendulum responds to yes or no questions through the direction of its rotation. Your intuitive wisdom reveals itself through slight energetic shifts that move the pendulum in clockwise vs. counter-clockwise circle, or in an up/down vs side to side motion.
This limited collection of Dancing Amulets Pendulum Bracelets feature a small .5 inch teardrop pendant looped to a vibrant chain of gemstones in assorted colors, shapes, and sizes, a delightfully explosive feast of magic.
Please check sizing as each pendulum is unique. They can be worn as bracelets or placed in a window to catch the sun and reflect magic throughout your home. 
To use your pendulum for divining, hold it from the top, between your thumb and forefinger, and ask it a yes or no question. Keep a still hand, waiting for steady movement in a clockwise motion to indicate a positive response, or counter-clockwise to indicate no. 
Allow your pendulum to hover over any areas of tension, allowing the inevitable spin to coax movement and transformation.
Circle over meaningful words, images, and objects to amplify the magic of your personal spells and rituals. 
When not wearing or using your pendulum, hang it where the light of the sun shines through it, infusing your home with the positive, nourishing energy of stone, color, and warmth.