About Dancing Amulets

Jewels that are tools, empowered with intention. 

Handmade with stones and colors chosen for their abilities to

heal, invigorate, and enlighten,

Your Dancing Amulet will awaken your magic! 

If the beauty or sentiment of a particular piece resonates with your soul, it is because its special energy is destined to illuminate your spirit.

Hello, I am Annmaria, the creative spirit behind these Dancing Amulets!

Since 2006, Dancing Amulets have been adorning soulful people on a mission to put positive, nourishing energy into the world. Lit by an unabashed love for life, they are beacons of light who attract magic everyday, as they creatively pursue their dreams and joyfully fulfill their life's purpose.

Magic finds me when I connect with these kindred souls! I love hearing their stories, understanding their desires, and helping to guide them to the stones and colors that will uplift their hearts, enliven their dreams, and celebrate their personal magic.

Dance was my first true love, the release of the wild animal inside me, the one who needed to be seen, heard, and felt. I pursued it passionately and without question, following it to New York City where, after much hard work, it rewarded me with my dream job of dancing with the Paul Taylor Dance Company, and then took me all over the world.

Touring was such a transformative experience. There is so much beauty in the world! I was amazed at the life force I encountered in the people and places I visited, touched by their creativity and openness, and dazzled by all the pretty things they made. We spoke through a language of shared awe and love for beauty: the beauty of the earth and nature, and the beauty of art, the human expression of what we feel. This magical connection was so simple but so thrilling: I knew that no matter where I went, I would find friends.

I started making jewelry during this time. I was a performer with an often overwhelming reserve of passion, so I found a special satisfaction in channeling my offstage energy into fashioning lasting objects of delight. Unlike the fleeting magic of a beloved dance, this was a creation I could actually hold in my hands and keep forever. Indeed, as the years flew by, the demands of my first love grew more challenging. But during times of injury and uncertainty, the meditative act of making jewelry gave me peace and strength, while the nurturing act of sharing it with others gave me joy and purpose. My interest in the healing properties of gemstones was inevitable. As I gathered knowledge, a natural intuition was awakened, and I began creating intentionally based jewelry: Dancing Amulets.

I do still dance everyday - even if it's just to the opening credits of Curious George. It keeps me grounded, fluid, and connected to what drives and sustains me.

That uninhibited joy and acceptance, my friend, is the essence of Dancing Amulets, and it is the magical energy I know we have in common.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know you: your dreams, projects, plans, and your wild animal. I so look forward to creating the Dancing Amulet that speaks to the special magic in you!

Please share your stories and photos on my Facebook page: Dancing Amulets, write to me, call me, or reach out with your questions and comments anytime.
Bright Blessings!
New York City, 2017