Dancing Amulets are more than beautiful jewelry: they are keepers of intentional magic, charged to connect with your spirit, align with your purpose, and raise your vibration! Since 2006, Dancing Amulets have been energizing attuned spirits, lightworkers, movers, and spellcasters: awakening magic and inspiring joyful, abundant living.

Annmaria Mazzini Dancing Amulets Jewelry
New York based artist Annmaria Mazzini is the creator behind Dancing Amulets. An acclaimed modern dancer who has performed all over the world, she channels a special exuberance, devotion, and lust for life into her jewelry.
A life-long observer of magic and collector of exquisite things, she is mad for color, movement, and energy, and delights in found treasures vibrating with character, history, and the essence of places visited on her travels as a dancer.
When a chronic injury caused her to seek alternative methods for relieving pain and stress, she developed an affinity for healing gemstones, and their profound ability to effect transformation. Dazzled by their beauty and intrigued by their potential to put positive, nourishing energy into the world, Dancing Amulets were born.
May your Dancing Amulets cast spells to awaken your personal magic, connect you to your passion and purpose, and take you to place of wonder, enchantment and ecstasy!