Care and Return Policies

Dancing Amulets are handmade in New York City. Your satisfaction is important to me and I take great care in producing them. Please do note that these items are delicate and should be handled with care, especially when taking on and off, changing clothes, and participating in vigorous, energy raising activities (you know, like dancing!).

When not wearing your amulet, keep it in a safe and charged sacred space, such as in its box, on your personal altar, near a thriving plant, or atop a list of written intentions or pictures representing a goal. Recharge its energies by smudging it with sage, bathing it in moonlight, or ringing a bell. Create your own spells and rituals as your intuition guides you.

Please use the form below for all return inquiries. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase you may return it for a store credit, minus shipping costs, within 14 days of receipt. Shipping costs will be refunded if the item was incorrect or was damaged in transit. Please follow the instructions below for packaging and returning an item.

In the event that repair is necessary due to normal use, I will repair your item at no charge, provided all the materials used in the construction of the piece are sent back. Customer will be responsible for shipping cost to NYC, please follow the instructions below for sending your amulet and all its pieces back to the studio.

Please note that many of the stones I use (opals in particular) are soft and may break if they are dropped. Please contact me if this occurs; if possible (dependent on supply and availability) I will replace the damaged stone for the cost of new stone, plus a modest fee for rebuilding.

Depending on availability and supply, a lost earring can be replaced for half of the original price of the pair, plus shipping.


Please protect the item in a padded box or envelope and ship via a traceable carrier to: Annmaria Mazzini, 2575 Palisade Avenue Suite 11GH, Bronx, NY 10463

All costs related to return shipping are paid by the customer. Dancing Amulets cannot be responsible for items lost or damaged during shipping.