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Tourmalated Quartz Esplanade Earrings

Dancing Amulets

$ 75.00
Tourmalated Quartz Esplanade Earrings
Tourmalated quartz holds a special place in the amulet maker's heart, as it is the stone that provided great psychological support and performance energy when held by a friend during performances of a dance that required great stamina and exultation. A clear or cloudy teardrop with black striations, it is set with a very small amethyst in a pastel shade.
.75 inches with 14K gold filled ear hooks and secure rubber clutches.
Handmade in NYC, your Dancing Amulets will arrive boxed and ready to gift with the following description of their magic, printed on parchment:
TOURMALATED QUARTZ: stamina, trust, heart-centered joy
AMETHYST: peace, healing, balance, deep listening, attunement

 Cast a spell with your DANCING AMULETS

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