Tiger Eye and Moss Agate Beaded Bracelet

Dancing Amulets

$ 75.00

Tiger eye, the essence of felinity, is the ultimate stone for protection, self esteem, and magical attraction. Small 2 mm faceted moss agate brings heart centered nurturing to support a block of tiger eye rondelles with gold accents between.

Finished with 14K gold filled spring clasp and chain to provide adjustable sizing. 6.75-7.25 inches.

Handmade and spellcrafted in NYC, Dancing Amulets will arrive in an enchanted gift box with the following description of their magic:

TIGER EYE is protective, nurturing, and supportive of sustained focus and healthy productivity. Linked to Cat magic, it has mysterious but palpable powers of abundance and attraction: increasing feelings of self love and appreciation, and nurturing a happy, love filled life. 

MOSS AGATE is a gardener’s stone for the soul: sowing seeds, nourishing dreams, supporting growth and expansion, cultivating devotion, patience, and synchronicity with the seasons.

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