Layers and Hoops

Lapis Lazuli and Black Spinel Bracelet

Dancing Amulets

$ 75.00

Tiny diamond cut black spinel gemstones enchant with a color block of lapis lazuli rondelles, and sparkling gold hematine. Finished with 14K gold filled spring clasp and chain to provide adjustable sizing

One Size: 7-7.75 inches

Jewelry box included for easy gifting, as well as the following description of the energy of this Dancing Amulet:

The Earth centered essence of BLACK SPINEL is grounding, stabilizing, and nurturing. When aligned with the energies of supporting stones, it invokes curiosity, inspires confidence, and illuminates your personal magic.

 LAPIS LAZULI is the vision stone of the starry heavens, the mysteries of the night, dreams, and inner wisdom. Supportive of authentic and creative expression, it empowers your voice by linking it to your desires.

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