Stacks and Hoops

Blue Apatite Circle Hoop Earrings

Dancing Amulets

$ 90.00
Blue Apatite Circle Hoop Earrings
Deeply blue faceted roundels of apatite animate forward facing hoops cut with popping sparkles of gold hematine. 
14K gold filled wire oval hoops suspended from 14k gold filled ear wire, with secure rubber clutch, 1.5 inches long, 1 inch diameter.
APATITE is a stone for connecting to nature, synchronizing to divine timing, attuning to spirit, yielding to insight, and making confident decisions.
Handmade and spellcrafted in NYC, Dancing Amulets will arrive in an enchanted gift box with the following description of their magic:

APATITE connection to nature, divine timing, insight, clarity 

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